Taisei VN - Engaging Employees To Create A Sustainable Business

On 25th August 2023, Taisei VN family members gathered for a cozy dinner party at Binh Quoi restaurant. The Board of Directors prepared it as a special gift for all members to create and promote more success.



Taisei VN - Engaging employees to create a sustainable business

It’s time for everyone to attend the party. It was a great opportunity for all members to meet each other to share and enjoy an emotional party.



The atmosphere at the party was happy and lively.

It became even more exciting at the party when everyone participated in the "mini-game" of the "Leaders" - those who devoted time and effort to contribute to the business together. Their solidarity and the spirit of "work hard - play hard" created an unforgettable party night with beautiful memories.

The atmosphere was more exciting with the powerful vocals and great dancing skills of many "hidden singers."




Our "music stars"

Moreover, the Board of Directors awarded the "Let’s Smile" contest. It was considered the most anticipated part of the party night.


The winners of Let’s smile contest

The party was successfully held and filled with joy and laughter with thoughtful preparation from the Administration - Human Resources Department and the cohesiveness of all members. The Board of Directors would like to thank all members for accompanying and contributing to the company's successes during the past years. We hope all members stick with each other and continuously improve their working performances, and 2023 will be a year of success and enthusiasm.