Financial management service

During the operation of the building, there are many types of expenses including electricity, water, cleaning, and maintenance of the technical system... Therefore, Taisei VN with financial management services, helps Customers save time and focus resources on core business activities. We develop and implement a clear and transparent financial management process, limiting errors and possible disputes. We plan monthly and quarterly reports so that customers can easily track and understand spending in the building. At the same time, Taisei VN also actively supports and coordinates with other departments to make the financial management process go smoothly to avoid asset loss for the Investor.


Administrative management service

Normally, in the building, there will be many customers and residents living and working together. Therefore, the volume of letters, documents and papers that need to be managed is very large. Understanding that, Taisei VN provides administrative management services, ensuring that the transfer and receipt of letters, documents are done quickly, accurately and timely. All relevant documents are stored and arranged in a scientific manner, avoiding loss as well as confusion. At the same time, we build a process to receive and support customers 24/7, providing the highest satisfaction when using our services.

Customer Management Service

In order to bring Customers the best quality of service, Taisei VN has built a specialized Customer management process. Ready to welcome, support and guide Customers when visiting or working at the building. In addition, we also apply ERP software to help collect information, search and monitor the status of customers during the management process, helping the Investor easily control all activities inside the building.


Personnel management service

Human resources are considered an important factor in creating the success of any business. Therefore, Taisei VN provides human resource management services with the desire to contribute a small amount of effort to the great success of the Investor. Personnel at Taisei VN periodically participate in professional and soft skills training classes to serve their work in the best way. Besides, We have a large number of employees and a reasonable personnel allocation process, ensuring that the building is always operated continuously, minimizing the shortage of personnel.


Contractor management service

The installation, maintenance of facilities in the building is extremely important. To ensure safety as well as save costs for Customers, Taisei VN always focuses on finding and selecting reputable and professional contractors. Fully meet the standards and requirements of the job.
With the motto "We care for you", Taisei VN confidently brings Japanese standard building management services, flexibly adjusted to suit Vietnamese style and culture. Not only that, we also provide management services for building cleaning, security, facilities management... through the coordination and support from member companies such as Care Vietnam, TSP...